Our Mini-Detail is our entry level and most popular service that’ll get your interior & exterior in a much better condition without spending too much time or money.


Interior Mini Detailing

Like on the outside, so on inside. It doesn’t make sense to do a mini detail on the outside and have the interior look like it’s falling apart . With Go Mobile Car Detailing, you can have cake and eat it too, because we can provide you with expert interior cleaning in no time. We can do it all, from windows and mirrors to panels and compartments, we can clean your  car’s interior from top to bottom. And don’t worry, your trunk is also include in our package. 


 Exterior Mini Detailing

Although it’s a well-known fact that you should never judge a book by its cover, this wise saying doesn’t apply to your car or any other vehicle you own. A dirty and poorly maintained car will never speak nicely about you . Luckily, Go Mobile has a complete list of exterior auto detailing service from a simple exterior wash to a complete exterior treatment to make your car the bell of the ball in no time. 

Mini-Detail : A Quick And Simple Clean up

Price Starting At
 $180 Two Door 4 Door Vehicles


A Quick And Simple Clean up

Price Starting At $180

Two Door 4 Door Vehicles


  • Interior Air Purge
  • Dust Off All Dash
  • Wipe Off Door Panels, Center Console,
    Instrument Cluster, Cup Holders
  • Vacuum Interior Carpet And Trunk
  • Wipe off Fabic Seats Or Leather Seats
  • Remove Light Spot Up
  • Clean One Set Of Floor Mats Plastic Or Carpet
  • Customer must remove personal items from the vehicle before the service. 


  • Exterior Hand Wash
  • Clean Rim Faces And Tires
  • Dress Tires And Fender Wells
  • Exterior Air Purge
  • Exterior Shammy Dry
  • Clean Windows Inside & Out
  • Finishing With Exterior Ceramic
    Spray Wax 6 Moths Protection

Mini detail in and out


NO RUSH POLICY: At Go Mobile, our reputation is built on quality service and we will not comprise the integrity of our work by taking shortcuts. If services are not allowed the full amount of time required, that will result in inferior service and potential errors so please plan ahead and schedule accordingly. We will make our best efforts to ensure that deadlines are met, but there may be some circumstances that will require more time than initially estimated. If the original diagnosis has changed, we will keep you informed throughout the process and recommend a different course of action, if necessary. Also, given unexpected circumstances do to traffic, weather (extreme heat or rainy conditions), or other unavoidable delays or circumstances we will contact you within a reasonable time in the event of any delay, from our behalf, with an approximate time of arrival OR if you may chose to change your appointment to another date for your convenience. We recommend our customer to read terms and cancellation policy before make an appointment. Please schedule a consultation for the full estimate.

Mini detail in and out


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